Construction Control

Activities of Transneft Supervision, LLC, for the construction control are regulated, at the level of federal documents, by the Urban Development  Code (190-FZ), Regulations on Construction Control in the course of Construction, Reconstruction and Overhaul Repair of Capital Construction Facilities, as approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 468 dated June 21, 2010, the rulebook SP 48.13330.2011 «Construction Management. The Updated Edition of the Construction Rules and Regulations SNiP 12-01-2004».

For the purpose of construction control, the experts of Transneft Supervision, LLC, carry out incoming inspection of materials, check the compliance with storage standards, observance of the sequence and composition of process operations during construction and installation works, carry out inspection of the works hidden by subsequent ones, jointly with the Building Owner, perform acceptance of completed types (stages) of works, check the completed construction project for compliance with the requirements of the working documentation and specifications and technical standards.

Engineering Supervision over the Workmanship Quality of Controlled Products

The main function of the engineering supervision is continuous (permanent or regularly repeated) observance and verification of the incoming control organization, storage of raw materials and supplies, technological processes of manufacturing and shipment of controlled products on the basis of process, design, as-built and supporting documentation for the purpose of certification of compliance with prescribed requirements.

The plan of process control over product manufacturing, inspection of its quality and shipment is the main document which sets out the sequence of process or control operations, regulatory documents, controlled parameters, control points, types and scope of control by the quality control services of the manufacturer and Transneft Supervision, LLC, control equipment and facilities.

 Supervision over Engineering Survey

The Department for Supervision over Engineering Survey provides services of supervision over engineering survey at the facilities of the entities of Transneft, JSC system.

The main function of the Department for Supervision over Engineering Survey is the control over compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation as well as regulatory documents of Transneft, JSC, during engineering survey works.

The experts of Transneft Supervision, LLC check the program of engineering survey for compliance with the terms of references, regulatory documents, check the managerial and technical readiness of the executor of engineering survey, carry out inspecting supervision over on-site engineering survey, check the quality of laboratory examination of soils and ground waters, review technical reports for compliance with the provisions of the engineering survey program and regulatory documents.